• Virgil

    Aliasesol gus
    TypeStuffed Animal
    Spirit Formspacebear
    Purposeheroic guardian of epic heros
    WardsLewis Lain


    Watching over lewis as he navigates/illustrates a world of nightmares.

    believed to be the once guardian of gus grissom, virgil was found in french lick, indiana. virgil has seen epic hero’s rise and fall and has made it his duty to be certain he never loses another. in honor of his fallen hero, he takes the spirit form of the noble and valiant spacebear.
    the ancient virgil, ever the explorer, has discovered the ability to travel in multiple universes. he can be in many places at the same time and can travel possible alternate lines of reality. when defending his charge against nightmare attacks, virgil only needs to touch the offending creature to eliminate it–sending it via paw to another universe where it can be of no harm to anyone–an effective maneuver requiring no violence or weapons. among other unique tools in spacebear’s bag is the ability to produce unlimited sandwiches.

    *sidenote* in a split from normal creative procedures, lewis conceived-of and illustrated virgil/spacebear. roby then created a unique story about virgil which you may find here: “Maybe: the Half-Story of the Mysterious Spacebear”