• Tedward

    AliasesSnot Bear
    TypeStuffed Animal
    Spirit FormShape-shifting master of disguise
    PurposeBest Friend, Playmate, Protector, Adventurer

    dream all the time

    Tedward was given the nickname “Snot Bear” by a friend of Beth’s, in reference to his healing powers and excellence as a companion to the sick. His ability to aid recovery during times of illness and injury, as well as his gift for keeping nightmares and bad thoughts at bay, have earned him a reputation as a very caring bear.

    But don’t be fooled. Confident and sophisticated, Tedward is a stuffed genius with a sharp sense of humor. He is a bear of many faces, and can fill whatever role is most needed at the time – as a result he has experience as a spy, cowboy, doctor, astronaut, ninja and psychotherapist, to name but a few. And while he is generally an amiable soul, when crossed he makes for a ferocious opponent.