• Spike

    TypeStuffed Animal
    Spirit Formthree-headed hell hound
    PurposeLeader, Protector


    Leading and protecting the other stuffed animals (especially Penny, the stuffed Dalmatian he has an on and off relationship with).


    Spike wasn't Scout's first stuffed animal but he was the first one she remember really bonding with. His most interesting feature was that you could flip his eyebrows and his lips up or down, so as to give him a variety of expressions. With his eyebrow and lip both up, he looked like he was giving a huge cheesy grin. These were for the times he was trying to talk someone into something or win someone over. With his eyebrow down and lip down, he was being a tough guy, but was still being good-natured about it. When he had his eyebrow down and lip up, baring his teeth, that's when you had to watch out!

    Normally during the day when Scout would make her bed, she had a very specific order in which she would arrange my animals. The oldest ones, a doll named Dolly and a small stuffed Snoopy, would each go on a pillow. Spike would go on the sheet folded over just below the pillow and guard them. In later years Simba was added to help keep guard next to Spike (though Spike was always in charge) and in the forefront she had 3 stuffed Dalmatians, one of which was Penny. Spike protected all of the animals and was always the group leader/the one in charge of making decisions. He was especially fond of Penny, whom he would pursue and was often successful with (they had their tiffs but she really liked him too and showed it most of the time).

    Funnily enough, Spike's only battle scar didn't come from a fight, but rather from one time when Scout was sick and just couldn't take any more cherry-flavored Robitussin--she inadvertently spit it out, and it ended up landing all over his paw. Some of it came out after being washed, but his paw was stained red forever more.