• Sir Wesley (and Walter)

    TypeStuffed Animal
    Spirit FormSir Wesley Hippo of Hiccoughs, Lord of the Isle of Hiccoughs
    PurposeTo make sure all the doors and windows are closed and locked, the night lights are on, and the bad dreams stay away.


    “I am a big oral storyteller, and I often will describe all the elaborate adventures he has whispered to me in my dreams to keep nightmares away… Roaming the African Savannah and hunting poachers. Mr. Wesley comes from a long, knighted line of Poacher Poachers, and now Sir Wesley fights the nastiest poachers of all, the poachers of good sleep and happy thoughts!”

    “He is a man of action, and movement. He very rarely stays still, especially for a hippo. His eyes and ears may be small, but his squishy belly and bigger, squishier heart make up for his silly small proportions in other departments.

    He’s not pushed to making plans farther out then hunting down bad dreams and smooshing them with his big, bean-filled feet, but he’s happiest held against my heart when I sleep.” -Jamie L.