• Quinn

    AliasesMr. Fox Gloves
    TypeStuffed Animal
    Spirit FormThe Unruffled Travel Companion
    PurposeTravel companion and constant guardian against the "page fear" of writers.
    WardsA certain Miss H.


    After a particularly difficult run trying to keep his dreamer’s sleep clear of nightmares while at a writer’s workshop, Quinn opted to go walkabout for a while, traveling the world and seeking out challenges, making himself stronger and better capable of serving his dreamer. He is only recently returned…


    Traveler. Gentleman. Inveterate drinker. Guardian. Quinn is all of these things and more.
    Quinn has traveled around the world with his sleeper, walking a casual patrol at the edges of her dreams. Ghosts. Black dogs. Death-fetches. No matter the kind of nightmare trying to grow from the fertile imagination of his sleeper's mind, he has been there to help.