• Polar Rat

    TypeStuffed Animal
    Spirit FormUnknown
    PurposeGuard. Trainer. Veteran Kicker of Nightmare Ass.

    polar rat

    Polar Rat currently watches over the aging Ian, as he has done for over a decade. Before his disappearance, Polar Rat also watched over Ian’s younger brother Brandon.


    Designed as a polar bear, Polar Rat gets his name from an unfortunate eccentricity of his manufacture: there is a definite rodent-like quality to the shape of his head, and his tiny size does little to reinforce his fierce bear nature. As the next oldest Totem after Mr. Bear, the years have hardened Polar Rat, shortening his temper, sharpening his instincts for combat, and leaving him in the role of grizzled sergeant and trainer of the newer Totems.