• Oatmeal

    TypeStuffed Animal
    Spirit Form"Cab-bear-ray" Sandman/Karate Expert
    PurposeProvider of sleep-inducing comfort
    WardsNora B.


    Inducing sleep. Perfecting grapevines and step-ball-changes.


    Oatmeal was found in the Park Reserve gift shop of Palos Park, Illinois. Soft and comfortable, his plush-form has been found to induce sleep when it is draped over the sleepers face. This ultimate performer is not afraid to pull-out the song and dance when necessary and has developed this skill-set with the ancient martial art of karate into a powerful fighting form. Oatmeal also possesses a bag of "sleepstuff" that will drop even the the greatest sufferer of insomnia into blissful, restful sleep.