• Mr. Bear (Deceased)

    TypeStuffed Animal
    Spirit FormUnknown
    PurposeLeader, Teacher, Bear About Town
    WardsIan, Brandon Czarnik, and their father before them.


    Mr. Bear was the oldest of the Totems, passed down from father to son in the Czarnik family for years, before winding up in the hands of young Brandon.

    As of Installment 5, it has become clear that Mr. Bear is dead. The mundane, official story is that Brandon, during some sort of distress he suffered the night of he “ran away”, tore Mr. Bear to pieces in a fit of rage. The unofficial, less mundane story, is that Mr. Bear died terribly attempting to protect Brandon from whatever abductor took him from his friend’s home.

    Whatever the truth may be, it bodes ill for the other Totems that Mr. Bear, the strongest and most experienced among them, is now among the fallen.


    Passed down from father to son, and from brother to brother, Mr. Bear has had decades to develop the particular skill set needed to protect the dreamers under his care. Calm, smooth, and lethal, Mr. Bear has managed to strike the proper balance between cuddly and comforting while his dreamers are awake, and brutally efficient in his battle with the things of nightmare while they sleep.
    Unfortunately... Mr. Bear has had a very, very rough run of it lately...

    ... and by very rough run of it... we mean that Mr. Bear is dead.