• Grubulous

    TypeStuffed Animal
    Spirit FormGoblin Masher
    PurposeGuardian against theft. Goblins are thieves, but they think twice about stealing in another goblin's domain.
    WardsCory S.


    Originally found in a claw machine at a traveling carnival. Once, the machine man ran out of stuffed toys, and the fortune-teller and the strongman sewed some buy hand out of old costumes, stuffed with odds and ends. Grubulous was the heaviest, so he sank to the bottom of the pile in the machine. It was a long time before the stuffed animals disappeared fast enough for someone to finally rescue him.

    He has both of his eyes, but one of his plush horns was torn and now it frays instead of coming to a point. He originally had whiskers in sheaves, like a seal, but they tangled and frayed with age. There is a line of stitches up his spine because someone once used him to hide something important. It is unknown if it’s still inside him or not.

    Like most goblins, Grubulous has a deep connection to stone, and he can manipulate it. Call it to him, ask it to shift, or even order it to shatter. Once he burst a diamond in a ring, but he regrets it to this day.