• Gizmo

    TypeStuffed Animal
    Spirit FormSamurai Shaman
    PurposeGuardian, Healer


    Gizmo started out as a guardian when has master was a child, but he became more powerful with time, since (unlike many toys) he was never retired from active duty when his ward grew up. As his owner passed through a variety of strange and sometimes unnerving psychedelic experimentations, Gizmo was constantly upgraded — his ears were tied back in a samurai topknot, linking him to his warrior heritage and his collar was outfitted with a medicine bag, giving him access to elemental powers. Gizmo is extremely powerful, but in a quiet, loyal, and dutiful way. He is the sort of creature to engage in intense psychic combat with his foes, defeating them with a single perfectly precise blow, rather than to erupt into a fit of wild barking like some other canine spirits. He is a grounded, firm, loyal hound protector, and he has honed his strength, sensitivity, and skill over more than two decades of continuing active duty.