• Furdinand

    TypeStuffed Animal
    Spirit FormStraight up Cave Bear
    PurposeSMASH! REND! DESTROY! (and cuddle)
    WardsIan and Brandon Czarnik


    A poorly stitched together large bear, Furdinand has a crippled, almost lame posture. Rather than disabled, however, it gives him a slouching, primitive look, which combines with his large size to give him his nick name: Cave Bear.


    As of Installment 5, Furdinand has shown himself to be an outspoken, if somewhat simple minded, member of the Totems. The fact that Bear has been killed and Brandon is missing enrages him, but he appears to be showing his trust in Sindri's leadership, and faith that once the mystery of what happened has been solved, action will be taken to fix things.

    And Furdinand is nothing if not a creature of action.