• Fred

    TypeStuffed Animal
    Spirit FormBerzerker
    Purposebuddy of boy-cats, protector of kittens, cat woobie
    WardsMichele V.


    Fred’s physical form is a chewed up, drooled on, and frayed stuffed lion. Both its legs and its head have been stitched back on after being torn/chewed off.


    Fred is the companion of Michele's boy cats (the girl didn't get it). Back when her first cat, Ravel, was a kitten and not much bigger than Fred, he twice stole him from the kitchen windowsill, and carried him up the stairs and on to her bed when she was staying at her parents over the holidays. Fred then became Ravel's buddy. When he was stressed, he would wrestle with Fred a bit, then groom him, then fall asleep with him as a pillow. When Ravel died, Fred sat guard by his ashes for several years.

    A few years ago the family got another male kitten, Bowie, who could never convince our female (who was a kitten when Ravel was older) to play so we got Fred down from the cabinet. Fred then became Bowie's go-to wrestling companion - think the Hulk flipping Loki around in the Avengers - and buddy that he would carry around the house in his mouth and try to induce to play in boxes with him. Fred has picked up a few more scars and surgeries to reattach his legs and head since then.