• Charlie Dog

    TypeStuffed Animal
    Age6 months
    Spirit FormUndetermined
    WardsBrandon, Ian


    Charlie is the newest of the Totems, and is still trying to learn the ropes.
    Eager to impress and be useful, but still extremely weak and wet behind the ears, he has been thrown into a very difficult situation.
    These are grim times for a new Totem.

    As of Installment 5, Charlie is feeling extreme guilt that he wasn’t able to get out of the drawer he had been placed in to help Mr. Bear in his nightly battles with the nightmare spirits.


    One of the last stuffed animals given to young Brandon before he decided there were cooler toys and more interesting things in the world than stuffed animals, Charlie is very inexperienced.
    Most of his time spent as a Totem has been either under the guidance of Mr. Bear, now deceased, or the yet-to-be-seen Fat Tom.

    Enthusiastic, determined, and apparently loyal to a fault, Charlie is still too weak as a new Totem to be of much use... a fact that stings him badly every time it comes up.