• BunBun

    TypeStuffed Animal
    Spirit FormSpectral Sentinal
    PurposeGuardian, Companion
    WardsChelsea Anne


    A companionable rabbit, Bunny is well-worn and well-traveled, having first joined Chelsea’s Mom’s cousin somewhere on the east coast, then joining Mom somewhere in San Diego, and finally joining Chelsea and Bearbear in Los Angeles. Bunny was more likely to accompany Chelsea on shorter trips and visits than was Bearbear (who was needed at home). As such, Bunny has been to England (twice), Scotland, Berkeley (later joined by Bearbear) and Austin (also later joined by Bearbear). Bunny accompanied Chelsea on an outing that resulted in a known pedophile and Bunny disappearing at the same time. Though Bunny was recovered three months later, the pedophile had vanished in the interim and was never heard from again. Bunny has many frayed holes, but she doesn’t care. She thinks ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’ is a fucked up story and did not appreciate Michael Whelchel telling Chelsea how the story *really* ended.