• Taking a break to recover from a loss to the team.

    Hi Smaller Totems Fans.

    This is Roby, the writer, here with some rough news.

    In January, we took hit here at Totems, and we’re still in the process of recovering.

    I’ll let Lewis, the artistic engine of our project, explain in his own words…

    on january 29th of this year my cat died. ajax, as it turns out, was much more than a blonde, longhair, house cat–more than a comrade, a confidant, supporter and friend. ajax was an inspiration, a familiar–a necessity for my creative process. he had been there throughout my professional creative career–guiding me down proper paths toward my fullest creative expression and my greatest accomplishments. now he is gone and so, it seems, is my desire to create. i say this not in depression, not in sadness, just as fact–my strongest creative tool was not a brush or stylus. ajax was so fully integrated into my process, that i haven’t any idea how to work without him. i know this is temporary. ajax is a re-occurring cat-spirit in my life. before him was wrigley. i would learn early-on that wrigley was connected by the feet to a cat named “six” in another world i have been observing throughout my career in window-paintings. when wrigley died, i knew he had simply rotated places with six. i knew if i could find six, i would find wrigley. sure enough, while visiting treehouse in chicago, i was approached by ajax. when i asked him if he was six, he raised his front paws up in the air. i scooped him onto my shoulder where he promptly fell asleep. i had found six and for the next six years, my artistic career flourished and my inspiration felt limitless. ajax died of renal failure. i guess his current form has served its purpose and like wrigley before him, he has rotated places with six again. i will find him again when the time is right and he is ready. while his passing has paused my forward momentum, it has given me the opportunity for reflection and recharge. i know when he returns, so will i.

    The entire process by which Lewis produces the artwork through which the comic appears has always been like magic to me, as has his rather formidable fine arts work… and in January a piece of that magic left us.

    That said, we’re temporarily taking some time off to adjust to the world-sans-Ajax.

    We’ll be back to posting comic content in the middle of April. In the meantime, I’ll try to do some posts I’ve been meaning to do about Totems-related topics, keep the social media streams going with articles the science and mythology of sleep, dreams, and nightmares, and I’ll keep working on the story, so when Lewis is ready he’ll have a dumpster full of scripts to tackle. Heh.

    Thanks for your patience. There will be more Smaller Totems soon.


    Roby the Writer

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