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    Installment 9a

    Hello All.
    Hope you enjoyed today’s Installation of Totems. Number 9 takes us from the physical-spiritual DMZ of Ian’s bedroom all the way into the dream world itself, giving us a glimpse at just what sort of thing it is that happens when one of the “nightmare” spirits manages to get past the Totems. With this, we’ve broken through into 3 different layers of storytelling, and to some extent, characterization:

    • -We have the normal, physical waking, often daylight, world that normal people occupy.
    • -We have the borderline, nighttime world in which the nightmare spirits and the Totems interact via their metaphysical powers.
    • -We have the dream world, formatted by the mind of the sleeper, which can come under the influence of spirits, be they Totem or nightmare.

    Now, in the normal world, nightmares are invisible and ephemeral, and Totems seem to be paralyzed and unable to act, their physical stuffed animal forms just falling over. Or at least, that is what happens when they’re seen. In the borderline world, the spiritual manifestations of the nightmare spirits and the Totems often come to blows, with the Totems sporting a hybridized blend of physical bodies (the actual stuffed animals or toy bodies that their animus is infused into) and animus (the impressionistic manifestations of their metaphysical forms, as beautifully illustrated by Lewis with his linework). The rules for interaction in the borderline world are still being revealed, so I don’t want to say too much about that yet. And now, finally, the dream world, where the Totems are revealed in their Spirit Forms! Or at least one of them is. Once we get to a point where Lewis’s illustration schedule gives him some room to comfortably breath, I’ll see if I can get him to talk a bit about how he differentiates the visuals of the waking and dreaming realms. It should be interesting!

    As the story progresses, we’ll keep the reveals and explanations coming: soon you’ll know as much about the world as Ian and the Totems do, and not long after that, you’ll know even more. But we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves: for now we’re excited to just bring you the second half of “For The Winds Like Dreams Or Visions” in two weeks, but come on back next week for some more Coda action!

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