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    Installment 8a

    (From Lewis)
    of all the good he did not do: part 2.
    i love fat tom. it may be my weakness for orange cats–the solid knowledge that he knows he is right–his non-nonchalant handling of a tense situation. i love fat tom.
    sidenote: the cover of this multipage installment is again an homage to one of our favorites (which i am sure roby has told you all-about in the column next to this one.)
    super-sidenote: if you like what we are doing here, do us a giant solid: tell others. if you are social media savy: share, retweet, follow, upvote, like, etc smaller totems. we believe we are telling a pretty solid story here(for free) help us spread the good word!
    see you next week for our next exciting release!

    (From Roby)
    I have been behind on getting a catch up post for all of our homage covers, but I will get that done soon!

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