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    Installment 6a

    (From Roby)
    Hi Folks!
    July has been quite a month, and I have been very busy, so Lewis has picked up the slack, and been throwing words at you all, in addition to images. But I’m back now, and ready to ramble about the things I’ve seen and done.
    First and most important, at least to me, I went to my first San Diego Comic Con!
    It was overwhelming! So much to see, so many people to meet, and of course… it was my first time “schmoozing” with folks as a comic writer. I had some cool Smaller Totems business cards/website advertisements printed, and handed them out whenever it felt like doing so wouldn’t be rude or pushy. Hopefully, at least one or two people reading this found their way to the site with the help of those cards!
    While at SDCC I got to meet Bruce Boxleitner, of Babylon 5 fame, and also got to have a cool chat with writer/artist Tomm Coker. All in all, it was a great experience!
    The rest of the month has been spent trying to update the site, get new Codas written, and most importantly, get the finishing touches put on Installments 7 and 8.
    Thanks for everyone who has shared, retweeted, or passed on word of this webcomic to their friends and compatriots. We would just be two guys babbling about and pointing at pictures and words without you all taking the time to read and experience our work. Thanks for giving the story a reason to be there!

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