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    Installment 4

    (From Lewis)
    our next multi-page installment features sindri and furdinand.
    i have to admit to developing a bit of attachment to furdinand. perhaps it’s his size. maybe his fierce devotion. it may be his need to take decisive action. regardless, as we will see, this cave-bear can dish-out the punishment despite his poorly-re-attached leg.
    see you next week for our next exciting installment.


    • MrRetsej says:

      Okay, initially the art style was leaving me feeling a bit standoffish, but as the personalities of the stuffed animals are coming more into play, the whole package is rapidly growing on me. The mystery element is also tops!

      • roby says:

        It is certainly good to hear that the work grows on you… like a bacteria colony or a deeply intrusive fungus! 🙂

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