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    Installment 3b

    Greetings, Totems Fans!
    As always, we hope this Installment Release Day finds you doing well, enjoying your day, and hungry for more story.
    Installment 3 takes us deeper into the main storyline of the comic, and gives us a clear sense of the stakes for our characters.
    The cover for Installment 3 was inspired by that fine literary center for complete stories of mystery and detection:“Detective Weekly“.
    In this particular case, issue #106 , The Poultry Farm Murder, was the rough basis for our cover design.
    This Installment of Smaller Totems is exciting for me, personally, because we’re finally getting into the thick of the story that initially inspired the comic to begin with. What happens when you’re faced with a real world problem, but your intuition and everything you know tells you that there is an irrational element to the problem? How do you balance your efforts? What do you believe? How do you know when you’ve gone crazy or not?
    The last few panels notwithstanding, of course.

    See you next week for another Coda!

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