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    Installment 3a

    (From Lewis)

    welcome back!
    (turn away, those of you unaware! do not read this if you have not read installment three).
    much revealed in installment three(both in plot and in the continued-effect illustration has on my being.)
    let’s jump right-in:
    the story is afoot. brother, brandon, has disappeared. mr.bear found in shambles. totems stuffed-in a bag! what is going on here?
    once again, my affection for these characters is tested. i have to admit to creating quite an admiration for mr.bear. i recall distinctly the welling-of emotions form reading roby’s script and realizing i would have to illustrate bear in trouble. it caused a bit of upset in the stomach (it didn’t matter that it was only ian’s imagined end, the fact that the reality of what happened is bound to be more gruesome was a bit upsetting)–i have learned roby is unafraid to pull punches when it comes to graphic-stuffed-animal violence.
    point of interest: one of brandon’s new toys is a greeble action figure.
    fun fact about greeble: the greeble is a self-replicating, self-sustaining critter from “times new roman.” the greeble receives incredible physical and mental stimulation from the act of cleaning and completing domestic chores. this fact has kept “worldview” an incredibly clean world.
    (note on navigation: if you want to read the entire comic from the beginning,  click here to get to the archives.)
    hope you all enjoyed installment three! see you soon for our next exciting release!

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