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    Installment 2b

    Grim Introductions: Welcome to Installment 2

    First off, thanks for joining us for another installment of Smaller Totems. We’re excited to be here, and even more excited you’ve decided to come for this ride with us.
    In “Grim Introductions” we meet Ian… the sleeper Polar Rat is defending in Installment 1. Ian has, shall we say, some problems. Sleep disorders. Bad dreams. Psychological issues. A missing brother. And all of this is how we start his story, so you can only imagine where it goes from here.
    Actually, no… don’t imagine it. Just come back and read it.
    We also meet Brandon, Ian’s younger brother, who has a lot of the same sleep related problems as he does.
    And, last but not least, in the final panel, we see Sindri, another of the Totems.
    For anyone who might be having trouble with the relationship sequences in the comic:
    Green Shirt- Ian (Older Brother)
    Orange Shirt- Brandon (Younger Brother)
    Oh… and a word on our “Covers”:
    Being long-time fans of media of all sorts, we decided to use our installment cover space as a place to pay homage to works from that past that we are particularly in love with. Installment 2’s cover finds its inspiration in the cover of Dark Horse Presents #62. I love Marv, and while his story has precious little to do with our story, the cover gives me an excuse to do a little shout out.
    I forgot to give props to Vault of Horror in the blog entry for Installment 1, but not for lack of love: the cover was our version of this classic comic cover theme. I grew up on VoH, and the constant stream of bizarre and wonderfully dark stories helped deform and distort my imagination appropriately for me to be able to provide you with Smaller Totems. Much Love, VoH!
    Well, that’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed Installment 2, and we’ll be back soon with another single panel Codapiece of story-art.
    See you then!

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