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    Installment 2a

    (From Lewis)

    installment two: ian
    by now i would wager you might realize stuffed animals feature pretty prominently in our story. for those of you more pro-homo-sapiens, we have a few people-faces you will surely get to know a little better. enter ian.
    as you will learn, ian is troubled.
    in my previous work, i have been delving into another world–a perfect world with no conflict. the resulting creative product has been relatively happy, exploratory and exciting.
    but ian is troubled.
    this fact, as it would turn out, would introduce my creativity to a darker space than i had ever explored. i remember illustrating a panel in this installation and feeling a sadness that i had not felt in my creative process. i realized i was susceptible.
    the act of illustrating–nudging a line into the curve of a cheek or the set of an eyebrow–resulted in more than just an image in a story. i have come to care deeply about these characters–i helped to make them what they are. to see them steered into a tight-spot or conflict is difficult–compounded by the fact that i, inevitably, will be the one to capture those moments of their pain and sadness. there is a power and responsibility i appreciate about this fact.
    hope you enjoy(ed) installment two. we’ll see you next week for our next exciting release!

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