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    Installment 20b

    Greeting Totems!
    This Installment has been quite a challenge, and an invigorating one at that. After countless Codas showing a “snapshot” of the nightly battles the Totems wage to protect their sleepers, and recountings of battles in the Installments, the time had come for an actual battle that the reader gets to see.
    It was time, in short, for comic book combat.
    Which, you know, was fine… except for the fact that I’d never written anything remotely like a knock-down, drag-em-out fight before, and I’m pretty sure Lewis had never had to illustrate one. But we’re not really the obstacles sort, so off to the closet full of comic boxes I went, and I started my research.
    Basic punches and kicks are all well and good, but to my way of thinking, you really need a lot of variety in a fight to make it worth the reader’s time. And also, people fight like they dance- there’s a lot of personality to it, if they know what they’re doing, and so it seemed appropriate to try and tailor Gottlieb’s fighting style to display just what kind of Totem he is. I studied some videos of animals fighting to try and get The Beast’s approach to combat down, and then went to work.
    Lewis can talk a bit about what the process of drawing his first ongoing comic battle has been like, if he wants- I’d sure love to know what goes into it, and maybe you readers would too. The trick will just be figuring out how to pry him away from the next Single Panel or Installment for long enough to write about the wonderful work he is doing 🙂
    Anyway, that is enough jabber from me for now. I hope you enjoy your time with Gottlieb, and that you find the fight as satisfying to read as I did to write.
    If you haven’t already dug into it, you can find this week’s exciting new release on the pages above!

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