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    Installment 1b

    this is where it all began. as we have been pretty vocal about conveying, we have been developing ‘smaller totems’ for over four years. the story may have been sound when our collaboration began, but how my illustration fit into the equation needed developing. installment one would be the first real test of how my visual style worked in roby’s world.
    in my fine-art career, i had been primarily painting on the glass of re-claimed windows. i had learned that these windows contained ‘resonant energy'(infused into the glass by human interaction with light energy passing-through) when i focused my vision on this energized glass, the resonant energy would gather and form images i could trace with cardboard and acrylic and turn into paintings. the left-over energy that didn’t form trees or people or mountains would then freeze into the interlocking linework that has become a hallmark of my style.
    after working with it for three years, i’ve come to realize this energy is everywhere. when roby discovered this, he insisted it become a part of the style of ‘smaller totems’ and so the resonating energy that had essentially been the origin of my artistic career now features prominently in my first webcomic endeavor. in most cases it appears as accents to the graphic style (floating on am arm, under an eye, across the floor) but occasionally, as in the case of our good friend polar rat, it is gathered and used to kick ass.
    sidenote: the posters on ian’s bedroom wall contain images of 53947 and a greeble (prominant images from my fine-art world, ‘times new roman’)
    hope you enjoy this second installment. see you next week for more totems!


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