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    Installment 1a

    Yeah… it would have been much easier if we had just made our first release Installment 1 instead of Installment 0, but we liked the “origin” vibe of the sound, so…
    The first hazy hints of the idea for Installment 1 were the beginning of Smaller Totems for me. The rough sketches that eventually became the panels Lewis has so kindly illustrated are still floating around on coffee-stained copy-paper, somewhere in my desk. I may have them framed at some point.
    For those of you who are horror readers, you may recognize the definition of Haunt that I used as being from Stephen King’s novel It. There probably isn’t a string of sentences that I can write that hasn’t been influenced in one way or another by that particular work, so here I offer props to Mr. King for the fine job he did of scaring the crap out of me as a kid.
    As we got closer to launch, I started to stress myself out about the fact that I quoted Thomas Carlyle in the text. Who in the HELL, I started to wonder, is going to know or care who Thomas Carlyle is? And then, just as I was contemplating a change to my years-old text… the zeitgeist caught up with me, and old T.C. winds up getting thrown around in conversation by two frightening little kids in a Honda commercial! So screw it… the reference stays!
    At any rate, this is Installment 1. It is a little abstract, and more atmospheric than plot-moving, but we like it.
    What do you think? About either Installment 0 or Installment 1? If you have any feedback for us, go ahead and leave a comment! We’d love to hear from you!

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