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    Installment 19b

    Welcome Totems!
    The second half of Installment 19 is up now, and we hope very much that you’re enjoying the story.
    It has been a lot of fun getting to show the relationship between Fat Tom and Kamezou, and finally bring some of the things we’ve really come to like about our wise turtle’s personality to the fore. And also, Tom is a delight to write.
    In addition to the fun we have exploring the characters, we’re also (as I’m sure you’re noticing) exploring the different kinds of art styles and design choices we use to tell the story: heads in narrative boxes, graphs and charts to express ideas, etc. We’re in a big sandbox here, and it is nice to be able to spread out a bit and see what we can do.
    As is always the case, if you particularly like or dislike something, please leave a comment, or tweet us, and let us know. Every bit of feedback is precious to us, and we appreciate your opinions!
    That is it for now. We’ll see you on Monday for another piece of Single Panel fun!

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