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    Installment 17a

    Have you seen them before? A darker spot in a dark room. A shape moving out of the corner of your eye. A person-shaped space of darkness in the room that turns out to be a coat and hat hanging on the edge of a door. Shadow People!!! I mean, obviously- what else could it be?

    In talking over this section of story with a couple of friends (the sorts of friends who don’t know Art Bell or Coast to Coast, imagine John Keel is a British radio DJ from the 80’s, and first learned about the occult through The History Channel), I got a bunch of wide-eyed, blinking looks when I described the appearance of the Shadow People: people who didn’t even know the phenomenon had a specific name had experienced it, and started telling me stories about what they’d seen. It was pretty interesting- I’ve had one “I’m still on the fence about this” moment with what might have been Shadow People, so it was striking to me so many people who are uninterested in paranormal phenomenon had had these encounters.
    On the cool side, almost all of them were enthused at the notion that something strange from their own lives was making its way into Totems, so hopefully they’re enjoying this section of the story.

    I’ll dig more into the concept and phenomenon of Shadow People as we advance into the story (and the Totems will do their own investigating as well), so if you don’t know much about them, you’ll more than have your chance to catch up. Meanwhile, feel free to consume a bit of this Shadow People media :
    Skeptoid’s “Shadow People” Podcast
    Monstropedia’s entry on Shadow People
    Psychology Today’s Shadow Boxing article on Shadow People


    See you soon for our next exciting release!

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