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    Installment 15a

    Greetings, Totems!
    Today’s update marks a milestone in the ongoing story of Smaller Totems: we finally get to see The Catcher in the Sky in action!
    This character/being has been a sort of hallmark of the Totems concept since I first imagined the story years ago, but due to storytelling constraints, I have had to wait, maddeningly patient, for the right time to introduce it into the story.
    And that time, finally, has come.
    Now, just so it is said, I’m aware that there is controversy around the topic of “dream catchers”: the mainstream consumer culture story of what they are for, why they are made, what indigenous people use them for, and what they symbolically represent… it is very skewed. So, being aware of that, I’m doing what I can to avoid too much cultural appropriation while still acknowledging that we, in America, have absorbed some pretty warped re-imagined bits of other people’s culture into our own, and for good or ill, those thing have now taken on their own life around us.
    And being that this is a comic about small warped things taking on their own life around us… I feel that I would remiss if I were to shy away from an attempt simply for fear that I would do it wrong, offend someone, or trigger the know-it-all brigade. So, having said that, I’ll make the attempt to explain my take on any cultural elements I use in my story that are not from my own culture, and will also attempt to *highlight* when those elements differ from the originals, so that I don’t perpetuate any bad understandings or disrespectful interpretations of someone else’s culture. If you’re going to be disrespectful to a culture after reading Totems, I’m going to do my best to make sure that you’re well informed and educated before you make that call- then it is all on you. 🙂 (I will try and get the “where do dream catchers come from” post up on Monday.
    Oh… and as for our cover: given that we have a one-eyed villain and the Catcher colliding in this Installment, there seemed to be only one comic cover that would do. Hopefully you enjoy our homage to Uncanny X-Men #176!
    See you all on Monday!

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