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    Coda 7

    (From Lewis)

    this is, by far, my favorite single panel to date.
    a solid battle is sadly interrupted. my boy, mr.bear, tearing shit-up. ol’polar rat, clearly about to sink some teeth and claws in a troublesome pest. missing eyeballs. what more could one want. clearly, the boys are in control–bear’s ripping one apart, but still hauling the top part back for more destruction. sleep tight, ian. you got serious protectors.
    points of interest: a nightmare when caught in-sight, disappears from view. a totem, when caught in-sight, appears as a toy.
    linework 101: linework is ‘resonant energy.’ resonant energy is everywhere. it is generated by humans. it is stored in non-conductive material. it is drawn and expended to create. the totems know how to use this energy to manifest an animus–in fact, the totems understand how to harness this energy in a multitude of ways.
    see you next week for our next exciting release!


    (From Roby)
    When I sent Lewis the write up for this Coda, I was pretty excited: it showed the Totems handing out some beat downs, it was brutally violent, and it allowed for the illustration of some more of the metaphysical principles of “magical rules” by which the story functions.
    As excited as I thought I was when I sent it out, when I saw the black-and-white come back, showing me what Lewis had imagined, I was blown away. There’s something magical about seeing raw ideas bound into ink and form, especially when they’re your raw ideas.
    In terms of the Coda itself, we’re getting a look at the differences between the creatures we’ve been colloquially referring to as “nightmares” and the Totems. To the waking mind’s eyes (at least most of them), the nightmares simply don’t exist. For the Totems, the equation is a little more complicated. The Totems are governed by a mixture of metaphysical principles, tradition, and instinct. We’ll get more into that as the story goes along, but as always, I like to include a little of the “why” with the visuals, so it all continues to make at least a little sense.
    That’s all for now.
    We’ll see you again with another Coda next week!

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