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    Coda 5

    Greetings Folks.
    Hope everyone had a fine weekend.
    Today’s Coda is inspired by the words of one Werner Herzog Stipetić, ranked high among my favorite filmmakers.
    Oceans? Monsters? Sleep? Dreams?   You couldn’t hope for a more Totems-esque set of sentences to fall out of a person’s mouth.
    If you haven’t experienced any of Herzog’s  films, or the documentaries made about him, he is totally worth the effort. Heck, he even saved Joaquin Phoenix from an auto accident once!
    If anyone has favorite quotes, or  excerpts from stories, that relate to dreams or nightmares, please feel free to send them to us, or post  them here in the comments: if anything resonates or moves me, I’ll see if I can include it in, or use it as a basis for, one of our Single Panels.
    As I think about it, I really enjoy the freedom the Single Panels allow us. Freeze-frame moments from the world of the comic that are unbound by the linear progression of the story. It is really nice.
    Sure, you see things once in a while and maybe ask “Wait, what is going on there? ‘X’ hasn’t been explained in the story yet!”… but almost everything winds up making sense within the context of the frame, and we promise… we aren’t pulling anything out of our ass- if you see it, rest assured, it’ll be explained.
    And if you feel like it hasn’t been, feel free to take us to task for it.  🙂

    Well, hope you enjoyed the  day’s release. We’ll see you again next week for another.

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