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    Coda 3

    Greeting Folks!
    Today, we bring you another Coda: Polar Rat, flexing his metaphysical muscles to create a form to protect Ian.
    Being creatures of a dual-nature, the Totems are composed of both their physical, mundane body… the one known and loved as a stuffed animal, and a hidden, energetic body only visible to supernatural beings and dreamers or those possessed with second sight. This second body we refer to loosely as their animus, which we treat in a more Roman fashion (a thinking spirit possessed of emotions, like a marriage of the concept of the mind and the soul), rather than a Jungian one ( see link for more).
    The longer a Totem exists, and the more experience it accumulates, the more potent its animus becomes, and the more skilled it becomes at using it for various effects.
    We’ll have *lots* more to say on the concept of the animus as time goes by, including Lewis’s “linework” representations of the force in the artwork, but for now, enjoy this piece of art, and feel free to ask any questions you might have in our comments section!
    See you again soon!

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