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    So, to finish out explaining our covers…
    For Installment 7, we based our cover on an old female detective comic I liked as a kid, Ms. Tree. This one in particular was #13. I love the color and puzzle effect Lewis managed. It seemed very appropriate to the whole “piecing together the mystery of Mr. Bear’s death” storyline we were digging into.

    installment 7 cover

    For Installment 8, we based our cover on an old Justice Traps The Guilty comic cover, #64. I will admit, on this one, I remembered the interrogation scene, and just really like the visual.
    5 page 1

    For Installment 9, we based our cover on a more recent comic, X-Force #48. Boomer seems so tortured in the image, and I love the rendition of the figure behind her, it seemed to strike me as a cool way to make the Bag Men crossing out of the dream idea to torment Ian come across.
    page template

    For Installment 10, we ran with the style of old Astonishing comics. It was specifically #7, but honestly, they were all awesome, and kind of followed the same format. The inspiration for 10 was pretty much the same as for 9, and honestly, it was an alternate that we just liked enough we decided to go with.
    page template
    Turns out that I’m a little too exhausted from my day to finish out and get into the quotes that we use in our titles and captions, so I’ll handle that as soon as I can. 🙂
    Night all.

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