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    Coda 21

    (From Roby)
    Apologies on being a day late with the blog post: I was distracted by a friend’s birthday memorial, and didn’t get a chance to post until now.
    First, and foremost, thanks for making your way to Smaller Totems again. We know time and attention are precious resources in every person’s life, and it means a lot to us to when you spend yours to come here and read our comic, or in this case, our blog entries. So thanks. If it weren’t for you all being out there to receive, and hopefully enjoy the story, we’d just be a pair of crazy people writing and drawing stuff for an empty room.
    That said… COVERS!
    As I mentioned back in June, we use our Installment covers as an opportunity to show our admiration for other media that we’ve enjoyed or been inspired by through the course of our lives.
    For Installment 1, we based our cover on the old Vault of Horror comics that I love so well, most of which I bought 3rd hand from my local comic shop as a kid.

    episode one cover ii

    For Installment 2, we based our cover on Dark Horse Presents #62.
    episode two cover

    For Installment 3, we based our cover on Detective Weekly #106, “The Poultry Farm Murder”.

    So, those we’ve already covered. But the rest, 4-10 at this point, I’ve been lax in explaining. And frankly, homage paid without credit, is really just stealing- so let me take a moment to dethief myself.  🙂
    For Installment 4, we based our cover on Hellblazer #58. Personally, I don’t think there’s a comic book character I enjoy as much as John Constantine, and even at times when Hellblazer is not good, I still think it is great. I didn’t much care for the film version, but I am curious to see what they do with the new TV series planned for release. At any rate, something about the cover sparked the idea in my head of having Totem heads mounted on a wall, almost like trophies.
    episode one cover ii

    For Installment 5, we based our cover on the poster for the film Anatomy of a Murder. If you haven’t seen it, it is totally worth watching, provided you enjoy old Otto Preminger flicks. This one I chose, and didn’t really alter too terribly much, because I really wanted to capture the “murder mystery” quality of the place we were at in the story, and… lets face it, Mr. Bear was already in pieces, so it seemed grimly appropriate.
    episode one cover ii

    For Installment 6, we based our cover on a mix of a Time Magazine cover that captured my attention, and an old Marvel Thing story told in Marvel Two-In-One #98 that I had when I was a kid. I really wanted the emphasis on Fat Tom, and also wanted to drive home the dangerous and maze-like quality of the house the Totems live their lives and fight their fights in. Lewis did a great job taking what was important from both images and combining them into something that really felt like an old Marvel comic cover.
    5 page 1
    Okay, I’m going to take a break here, and try and get back to this either later tonight or tomorrow.
    Hopefully getting a look at what we’re inspired by and how we develop our ideas is of some interest to you guys.
    More soon!

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