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    Coda 15

    Hello Everyone.
    Thanks for taking the time out to read this entry. Always appreciated.
    Today I’m posting because I realize I’ve been so busy writing Codas, interpreting Fan Totems for Lewis to illustrate, and plotting/writing Installments, that I haven’t really been blogging at all. And since blogging is kind of the voice I’m using to “frame” the comic itself, in a way, I’ve gone silent.
    Which is ABSURD because there’s so much to say! I need to just keep jotting down thoughts as they come,  so that I can find, and then eventually get into, this groove people keep talking about. So lets start someplace…
    One, it is crazy to me that we’ve been live for less than a year. So many Installments and Single Panels have gone through my fingers that it feels like I must have been doing this forever. I can only imagine how Lewis feels! It is really neat to be able to share this story with you, and I appreciate you coming along for the ride.
    Two… comic conventions. OMG! I have always understood that I was part of geek subculture, but it wasn’t until this July that I got a macro-lens view of just what the culture is like. CRAZY! San Diego Comic Con was this amazing, overwhelming, challenging mass of every possible nerdy thing I love: film, comics, cartoons, toys, and cosplayers! Not to mention the celebrities, the parties, and the way SDCC takes over that part of San Diego like a fast-growing fungal colony. You had  a storefront here? Now its a Gamestop. Bars became theme bars. Eateries had special menu items. It was really something. I had intended to go and try and tell people about Totems, and hand out some cards we had  made, that have the URL and my info on them, just to see if we could get a few new readers. I’m sure in my glassy-eyed state of media-overload I handed a few cards out, as I stumbled from booth to booth, but I was far from what you’d call “organized”.
    Wizard World Chicago’s Comic Con was a different story. I was with Lewis, who was cosplaying as Space Bear, his own Fan Totem, and… let me tell you, Lewis is an industrial class ice-breaker when he wants to be. We met people, we talked art, we saw and chatted with people about their projects and what they love, and got to talk a bit about our Totems. People took pictures with Lewis as Space Bear, who had never heard of the comic before, but may now be reading these very words. It was a great experience, and both of the opportunities taught me a lot about how function at a con, as well as how to reach out about Totems. Good stuff.
    Three… we’ve finally seen ALL the Totems! Fat Tom just appeared, and we’ve met, at least in passing, Gottlieb, Kamezou, Polar Rat, Sindri, Furdinand, and Charlie. Add to that Ian and Brandon, and a few remaining not-quite-Totems-but-still-important-weirdos we haven’t met yet, and we’re working with quite an ensemble cast. This is cool for me for a variety of reasons,  not least of  which is the variety of characters I get to play with, but also the challenges inherent in trying to communicate, in a text-and-image format, the  particular eccentricities  of the characters. Some of this is still hard- I’m struggling to write Fat Tom so that he “sounds” on  paper the way he sounds to me in my head, and to capture the proper attitudes for Furdinand and Charlie in the kinds of motions and stances they take. But all in all, hard or no, it is super rewarding to be working on it.
    I guess that is it for now. There’s more to say, but no need to say it all at once.
    Soon there will be more human characters, and more human interaction, and Polar Rat educating Charlie the newb on how the Totems do their job is just around the corner, so there’s some neat stuff we’ll have for you in the coming months.
    Stay tuned!

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