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    Coda 1

    Hello again, everyone.
    Today we release the first of our Codas: stand alone pieces of story-art intended to help establish the feel of the world of Smaller Totems, as well as give a look at the night-to-night lives of the characters.
    We’ll be releasing Codas between, or at the end of, each Installment, just to make sure your imagination has something to chew on while we’re working on the multi-page, multi-panel Installments that carry the main story along.
    In addition, when we can get to them, we’ll release a Fan Totem based on submissions sent in by you all.  If you have a stuffed animal that you would like to see “Totemized”, feel free to go to “Get Your Own“, and fill out the form. The legion of Fan Totems will slowly grow over on the “Fan Created Totems section of the Totems” page, so feel free to check and see if we posted your submission.
    Who knows, we may even start doing Codas depicting your very own Fan Totems in their nightly adventures!
    Alright, that is all for now, folks. Check back soon!

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