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    Installment 0b

    (A little something from Lewis…)
    -the beginning-
    over four years ago, roby duncan approached me with an idea. he had been working on a story for several years—a story about stuffed animals and magic. he was familiar with my visual style and wanted to know if i would be interested in helping him transition his tale into a webcomic. i was entranced by the concept and immediately jumped at the opportunity to co-create a new world–the beginning of which is explored in the multi-page ‘installment 0’ you have-just/will-hopefully read today.
    -on collaboration-
    roby lives in los angeles. i live in chicago. this meant out first requirement for collaborative-storytelling was to concoct a method by which roby could communicate his vision in a way i could understand and translate into pictures. enter the internet and the magic of file-sharing.
    it goes like this:
    roby prays to some dark gods.**
    he then creates a detailed script for the release.
    he uploads the resulting document.
    a phone discussion occurs.
    i digitally create and upload a rough storyboard.
    more discussion occurs.
    i translate the rough into a “blackline” or black and white draft.
    more discussion occurs.
    i color and finish the blackline.
    it is uploaded for all of you to see.
    everyone rejoices.
    the dark gods take their payment.
    **(this is only my suspicion and in no way reflects the reality of roby’s writing process)
    -the experience-
    if you enjoyed ‘installment 0,’ feel free to let us know. if you hated it, feel free to let us know that as well. you will find endless opportunity for ranting, reflecting and discussion in the comments section below.
    if you really really enjoyed ‘installment 0?’ and want to be a part of the story, click the ‘totems’ button on the menu bar (or find the banner on the right), and then find the ‘get your own’ button at the bottom (or just click the link we gave you a few words ago) and you will find a process that will let you too get-in on the action.
    so excited you can’t get enough? gonna hold your breath til the next release? follow us on twitter. ‘like’ us on facebook. buy a sticker or the first series of buttons in the shop. tell your friends and loved-ones. maybe get that ink you’ve always been wanting in that place you’ve always wanted it. do it. additionally, feel free to drop us a line(or a dime) if you desire. we have open minds(and wallets).
    -reflections moving forward-
    to say i am proud of this story and my involvement in its telling is understatement. i take great joy in every pixel i fill in its creation and it is my sincerest desire that you may find a fraction of that joy in its digital pages.
    thanks for engaging in our story. see you next time for more ‘smaller totems!’

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