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    Installment 0a

    Welcome to Smaller Totems!

    If you’re reading this, you like as not just read the beginning of our comic. Crazy!
    Its been 4+ years we’ve been working at this, and it sort of boggles the mind to know folks are still finding the work for the first time. Very exciting!
    Installment 0, as I’m sure you just saw, is something of a tone-setter… a little bit of ground to slip under your feet before we send you off into the story.
    As each new installment is released, the Story section will be updated, so feel free to check back if you’re away for a while and the details get fuzzy.
    As each new Totem character is introduced, we’ll update the Totems page, so you can keep track of the Who as well as the What.

    Okay… what else…
    Oh Yeah… the Installment!

    So, with each Installment we’ll try to drop a few details on you about what went into the art, what the inspirations were, and also provide links (if any) to articles, papers, books, and so forth… anything that seems interesting and relevant to the story. I won’t exactly promise Easter Eggs in the research/back end stuff that gets posted to the blog, but if you find you like the story of Totems, you’ll probably find the info interesting as well.

    For now, a special thanks to Jeff Kay & David Lipovitch over at Quora.com, for helping answer some questions about Zuni fetishes for Installment 0.

    Okay… I think that is it for now. Hope you’re enjoying the comic so far, and check back with us later for more material!


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