• About

    Smaller Totems is a longform webcomic created through the cross-country collaboration of Los Angeles-based writer Roby Duncan and Chicago-based illustrator lewis lain.


    About the artist

    lewis is a “multi-medium” visual artist living in chicago, illinois. he favors simple design, recycled resonant material, and story-telling through mundane action.  his non-digital work, multidimensional paintings (utilizing re-claimed windows and found glass as canvas with recycled cardboard and acrylic) and cardboard sculpture may be seen on exhibit throughout the chicagoland area. his roots in theatre arts and digital graphic design give his work a strong sense of storytelling that he punctuates with extensive use of color and texture.  see more @

    “i am fascinated with chicago’s urban energy and a constant exploration of the balance between simple, earthly action and annihilating revelation.”


    About the author

    Roby is a writer,  curator of videos, and philosophy student living in Los Angeles, California. He finds the complexities of belief systems fascinating, often feels like his ideas ambush him in dark alleys, and is still attempting to master the art of English grammar. He writes often, published infrequently, and leaves a trail of told stories behind him wherever he can. His interest in psychology, psychiatry, philosophy, and other topics that begin with the letter  “p” inspire him to craft multi-layered stories that speak to the issues  of mind and belief relevant to daily living. He is also stubbornly committed to capitalizing at least some of his letters.

    “I think stories are important. When one is kindly enough to introduce itself to me, I try and respect it.”