written by roby duncan illustrated by lewis lain
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New Release for 07.27.15: Real-World Consequences

all you need

Real-world consequences of Ian’s dream exploration?  See you on Thursday for our next exciting multi-page Installment!

New Release for 07.23.15: Multipage Installment 51!

installment 28 cover

The battle continues!  Find all four pages of Installment 51 in the main comic viewer above!  See you on Monday for our next exciting release!

New Release for 07.20.15: Continued Experience with Lucid Dreams

they invent us flat

Ian discovers he is not impervious to flights of Olmec arrows!  See you on Thursday for our next exciting multipage Installment!

New Release for 05.25.15: A New Fan Totem Joins the Ranks.

Sir Bunz

On this Memorial Day, we add a fitting new Fan Totem to the ranks: Mr.Bunz.  This heroic hare may be lost, but he is certainly not forgotten  This dashing protector was a master of all things–able to repair a critical injuries and create something from seemingly nothing with a substantial understanding of form and function.  He fearlessly defended Christian with every tool at his disposal–an artist-warrior, as capable with a light saber as he is with the taiko.  Read more about our latest addition to the pantheon here.

See you on Thursday for our next exciting release!

Two Years of Totems!

behind every smile

today we celebrate two years of publishing “smaller totems” with  413 pages of story content and 33+ pages of supplemental content!

New Release for 04.16.15: Multipage Installment 45b


Find all three pages of the thrilling conclusion of Installment 45 in the main comic viewer above.  See you Monday for our next exciting release!

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